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Kineski general i političar, predsednik kine od 1928-1931 i od 1943-1949.

Chiang Kai-shek
/ ˈtʃæŋ |kai-shek| /

muški rodlično ime

(Pinyin Jiang Jie Shi) (1887-1975) Chinese nationalist Guomindang (Kuomintang) general and politician, president of China 1928–31 and 1943–49, and of Taiwan from 1949, where he set up a US-supported right-wing government on his expulsion from the mainland by the communist forces.
Chiang took part in the revolution of 1911 that overthrew the Qing dynasty of the Manchus, and on the death of the Guomindang leader Sun Yat-sen was made commander in chief of the nationalist armies in S China 1925. Collaboration with the communists, broken 1927, was resumed after the Xian Incident 1936 when China needed to pool military strength in the struggle against the Japanese invaders of World War II. After the Japanese surrender 1945, civil war between the nationalists and communists erupted, and in Dec 1949 Chiang and his followers took refuge on the island of Taiwan, maintaining a large army in the hope of reclaiming the mainland. His authoritarian regime enjoyed US support until his death. His son Chiang Ching-kuo then became president.

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