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Dostojanstvo, ugled.

/ kredət /


credit entry · deferred payment · course credit

ETYM French crédit (cf. Italian credito), Latin creditum loan, prop. neut. of creditus, p. p. of credere to trust, loan, believe. Related to Creed.
In education, a system of evaluating courses so that a partial qualification or unit from one institution is accepted by another on transfer to complete a course. At US universities and colleges, the term also refers to the number of units given upon successful completion of a course.
Credit transferability is common in higher education in the US, and is just beginning to be developed between institutions in the UK.1. An accounting entry acknowledging income or capital items; SYN. credit entry.
2. An entry on a list of persons who contributed to a film or written work.
3. Arrangement for deferred payment for goods and services; SYN. deferred payment.
4. Educational recognition that a course of studies has been successfully completed; SYN. course credit.
5. Money available for a client to borrow.
6. Used in the phrase to indicate an achievement deserving praise.

/ ɑːnər /


honour · purity · honour · honour · laurels

ETYM Old Eng. honor, honour, onour, onur, Old Fren. honor, onor, honur, onur, honour, onour, French honneur, from Latin honor, honos.
Dignity, social rank, or privilege. Originating in the cursus honorum at Rome, a standard “course of honors” through public office to the consulate, the concept of honor held a dual sense of dignity and rank in aristocratic societies.
The formal attributes of honor persisted in such phrases as “word of honor” and “man of honor” until the modern era, with duelling classed as an “affair of honor”. Military and civil distinction is reflected in the us Medal of Honor and the French Légion d’Honneur, founded by Napoleon i; an Honors List of awards for public service or achievement still exists in the uk. Honor was also used of a woman’s reputation, notably for chastity or fidelity.1. A woman's virtue or chastity; SYN. honour, purity.
2. The quality of being honorable and having a good name; SYN. honour.
3. The state of being honored; SYN. honour, laurels.

/ ɒnər /


Alternate (chiefly British) spelling for honor.

/ kuːdos /


ETYM New Lat., from Greek kydos glory.
Glory; fame; renown; praise.



point of honour

/ repjəteɪʃn̩ /



ETYM French réputation, Latin reputatio a reckoning, consideration. Related to Repute.
1. Notoriety for some particular characteristic.
2. The general estimation that the public has for a person; SYN. report.

/ triːt /


1. An entertainment given without expense to those invited; the act of providing another with free food, drink, or entertainment
2. An especially unexpected source of joy, delight, or amusement

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