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srpsko - engleski rečnik

četa prevod


ženski rod

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/ bætʃ /


Množina reči batch je batches.

clutch · good deal · great deal · hatful · heap · lot · mass · mess · pile · plenty · pot · tidy sum · whole lot · whole slew

clutch · deal · flock · good deal · great deal · hatful · heap · lot · mass · mess · mickle · mint · muckle · peck · pile · plenty · pot · quite a little · raft · sight · slew · spate · stack · tidy sum · wad · whole lot · whole sle

ETYM Old Eng. bache, bacche, from AS. bacan to bake; cf. German gebäck and Dutch baksel. Related to Bake.
(Irregular plural: batches).
1. A collection of things or persons to be handled together; SYN. clutch.
2. All the loaves of bread baked at the same time.
3. (Often followed by 'of') A large number or amount or extent; SYN. good deal, great deal, hatful, heap, lot, mass, mess, pile, plenty, pot, tidy sum, whole lot, whole slew.

/ kʌmpəni /


Množina reči company je companies.

comradeship · companionship · good fellowship · fellowship · society · troupe

caller · companionship · fellowship · party · ship's company · society · troupe

ETYM French compagnie, from Old Fren. compaing. Related to Companion.
1. A social gathering of guests or companions.
2. The state of being with someone; SYN. comradeship, companionship, good fellowship, fellowship, society.
3. An institution created to conduct business.
4. Organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical); SYN. troupe.
5. Small military unit; usually two or three platoons.
6. A unit of firefighters including their equipment.

/ kruː /


Množina reči crew je crews.

bunch · crowd · gang · work party

ETYM From older accrue accession, reënforcement, hence, company, crew; the first syllable being misunderstood as the indefinite article. Related to Accrue, Crescent.
1. The men who man a ship or aircraft.
2. The team of men manning a racing shell.

/ ɡæŋ /


Množina reči gang je gangs.

pack · ring · mob · crew · work party

bunch · crew · crowd · mob · pack · ring · work party

ETYM Icel. gangr a going, gang, akin to AS., Dutch, German, and Dan. gang a going, Goth. gaggs street, way. Related to Gang.
1. A combination of implements arranged to work together.
2. An association of criminals; SYN. pack, ring, mob.
3. An organized group of workmen; SYN. crew, work party.

/ soʊldʒəri /


Množina reči soldiery je soldieries.

military personnel · troops

1 A body of soldiers; soldiers, military
2. The profession or technique of soldiering

/ truːp /


Množina reči troop je troops.

scout troop · scout group · flock

flock · scout group · scout troop

ETYM French troupe, Old Fren. trope, trupe, Late Lat. troppus; of uncertain origin; cf. Icel. thorp a hamlet, village, German dorf a village, dial. German dorf a meeting. Norw. torp a little farm, a crowd, Eng. thorp. Related to Troupe.
1. A cavalry unit corresponding to an infantry company.
2. A group of soldiers.
3. A unit of girl or boy scouts; SYN. scout troop, scout group.
4. An orderly crowd; SYN. flock.

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