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čvrsti disk

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Disk presvučen magnetnim materijalom i hermetički zatvoren u kućište koji se koristi za skadištenje velikih količina podatka. Ponekad se naziva i fiksni disk, Vinčester disk ili nekim ružnim imenom kako stvari pođu naopoako. Čvrsti disk je smešten u jedinicu iz koje se ne može izvaditi.
Disk koji nije savitljiv i ne može da se odvoji od računara.

fixed disk
/ ˈfɪkst ˈdɪsk /


Množina reči fixed disk je fixed disks.

hard disc · hard disk

See hard disk.

hard disk
/ ˈhɑːrd ˈdɪsk /


Množina reči hard disk je hard disks.

fixed disk · hard disc

In computing, a storage device consisting of a rigid metal disk coated with a magnetic material. Data are read from and written to the disk by means of a unit called a disk drive. The hard disk may be permanently fixed into the drive or in the form of a disk pack that can be removed and exchanged with a different pack. Hard disks vary from large units with capacities of over 3,000 megabytes, intended for use with mainframe computers, to small units with capacities as low as 20 megabytes, intended for use with microcomputers.
A device containing one or more inflexible platters coated with material in which data can be recorded magnetically, together with their read/write heads, the head-positioning mechanism, and the spindle motor in a sealed case that protects against outside contaminants. The protected environment allows the head to fly 10 to 25 millionths of an inch above the surface of a platter rotating typically at 3600 to 7200 rpm; therefore, much more data can be stored and accessed much more quickly than on a floppy disk. Most hard disks contain from two to eight platters. See the illustration. Also called: hard disk drive. Compare floppy disk. hard-disk

Winchester disk
/ ˈwɪnˌtʃestər ˈdɪsk /


Množina reči Winchester disk je Winchester disks.

An early IBM name for a hard disk. The term is derived from IBM’s internal code name for its first hard disk, which stored 30 megabytes (MB) and had a 30-millisecond access time, reminding its inventors of a Winchester .30-caliber rifle known as a “.30-.30.”

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