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/ bɒltəmɔːr /


1. The largest city in Maryland; a major port and industrial center.
2. Village in Ohio (USA); zip code 43105.
Industrial port and largest city in Maryland, US, on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay, NE of Washington, DC; Industries include shipbuilding, oil refining, food processing, and the manufacture of steel, chemicals, and aerospace equipment.
It is the seat of Johns Hopkins University. The inner harbor area has the National Aquarium, a 30-story World Trade Center, and the first commissioned warship of the US Navy, dating from 1797. It was named for the founder of Maryland, Lord Baltimore (1579–1632). The city of Baltimore dates from 1729 and was incorporated 1797. At Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key wrote the poem, ‘The Star Spangled Banner’. The writer Edgar Allan Poe and the baseball player Babe Ruth lived here.

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