srpsko - engleski rečnik

srpsko - engleski rečnik

Bruno prevod


muški rodlično ime

Italijanski filozof.

/ bruːnoʊ /

muški rodlično ime

(1548-1600) Italian philosopher. He entered the Dominican order of monks 1563, but his skeptical attitude to Catholic doctrines forced him to flee Italy 1577. He was arrested by the Inquisition 1593 in Venice and burned at the stake for his adoption of Copernican astronomy and his heretical religious views.
After visiting Geneva and Paris, he lived in England 1583–85, where he wrote some of his finest works. Drawing both on contemporary science (in particular the theories of Copernicus) and on magic and esoteric wisdom, he developed a radical form of pantheism in which all things are aspects of a single, infinite reality animated by God as the “world soul”. His views had a profound influence on the philosophers Benedict Spinoza and Gottfried Leibniz.

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