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Felini Federiko prevod

Felini Federiko

muški rodlično ime

Italijanski filmski režiser.

/ fəliːni /

muški rodlično ime

Federico Fellini · Fellini

(1920-1993) Italian film director and screenwriter. His work has been a major influence on modern cinema. His films combine dream and fantasy sequences with satire and autobiographical detail. They include I vitelloni/The Young and the Passionate 1953, La strada/The Street 1954 (Academy Award), Le notti di Cabiria/Nights of Cabiria 1956 (Academy Award), La dolce vita 1960, Otto e mezzo/8˝ 1963 (Academy Award), Satyricon 1969, Roma/Fellini’s Rome 1972, Amarcord 1974 (Academy Award), La cittŕ delle donne/City of Women 1980, and Ginger e Fred/Ginger and Fred 1986. He was presented with a Special Academy Award for his life’s work 1993.
Distinctively “Felliniesque”, his work is intensely personal and vividly original. Peopled with circus, carnival, and music-hall characters and the high society of Rome, his films created iconic images such as that of actress Anita Ekberg in the Trevi Fountain, Rome, in La dolce vita.
Marcello Mastroianni repeatedly acted as Fellini's alter ego and Giulietta Masina, his wife from 1943, also appeared in several of his films.

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