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Grofovija na jugoistoku Engleske.
Oblast, grofovija u Engleskoj.

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Množina reči Kent je Kents.

Kent · Rockwell Kent

1. A county in southeastern England; the first to be colonized by the Romans.
2. City in Iowa (USA); zip code 50850.
3. City in Minnesota (USA); zip code 56553.
4. City in Ohio (USA); zip code 44240.
5. City in Washington (USA).
County of se England, known as the “garden of England”.
Area 3,730 sq km/1,440 sq mi.
Towns and cities Maidstone (administrative headquarters), Canterbury, Dover, Chatham, Rochester, Sheerness, Tunbridge Wells; resorts: Folkestone, Margate, Ramsgate.
Features the North Downs; rivers: Thames, Darent, Medway, Stour (traditionally, a “man of Kent” comes from E of the Medway and a “Kentish man” from W Kent); New Ash Green, a new town; Romney Marsh; the Isles of Grain, Sheppey (on which is the resort of Sheerness, formerly a royal dockyard), and Thanet; Weald (agricultural area); Leeds Castle (converted to a palace by Henry viii); Hever Castle (where Henry viii courted Anne Boleyn); Chartwell (Churchill’s country home), Knole, Sissinghurst Castle and gardens; the Brogdale Experimental Horticulture Station at Faversham has the world’s finest collection of apple and other fruit trees; the former raf Manston became Kent International Airport 1989.
Industries hops, apples, soft fruit, cement, paper, oil refining, shipbuilding. The Kent coalfield is no longer in production.
Population (1991) 1,508,900.
Famous people Christopher Marlowe, Edward Heath.

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