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Grad u SAD-u, prestonica Nebraske.

/ lɪŋkən /


Množina reči Lincoln je Lincolns.

Abraham Lincoln · Lincoln · President Abraham Lincoln · President Lincoln · capital of Nebraska

1. Capital of the state of Nebraska; located in southeastern Nebraska; site of the University of Nebraska; Also called: capital of Nebraska.
2. Long-wooled mutton sheep originally from Lincolnshire.
3. Borough in Pennsylvania (USA).
4. City in Alabama (USA); zip code 35096.
5. City in Arkansas (USA); zip code 72744.
6. City in California (USA); zip code 95648.
7. City in Illinois (USA); zip code 62656.
8. City in Iowa (USA); zip code 50652.
9. City in Missouri (USA); zip code 65338.
10. City in Nebraska (USA).
11. City in North Dakota (USA); zip code 58504.
12. Unincorporated community in Maine (USA).
13. Village in Michigan (USA); zip code 48742.
(US) Industrial city and capital of Nebraska, US; Industries include engineering, pharmaceuticals, electronic and electrical equipment, and food processing. It was known as Lancaster until 1867, when it was renamed after Abraham Lincoln and designated the state capital.
Educational institutions include the main campus of the University of Nebraska and Nebraska Wesleyan University.(UK) Industrial city in Lincolnshire, England; Manufacturing includes excavators, cranes, gas turbines, radios, vehicle components, cattle feed, pharmaceuticals, power units for oil platforms, and cosmetics.
Under the Romans it was the flourishing colony of Lindum, and in the Middle Ages it was a center for the wool trade. Paulinus built a church here in the 7th century, and the 11th–15th-century cathedral has the earliest Gothic work in Britain. The 12th-century High Bridge is the oldest in Britain still to have buildings on it.

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