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srpsko - engleski prevod


muški rod

Stovarište, skladište, spremište za robu; žitnica, ambar;dućan, radnja, trgovina robom naveliko; stručni časopis, zbornik.



ETYM Old Eng. stor, stoor, Old Fren. estor, provisions, supplies, from estorer to store. Related to Store.
Or shop; A building or part of a building used for the retail sale of goods. Roman stoae were market stalls enclosed by an arcaded walkway; stores changed little from ancient times until the latter part of the 19th century, when concentration of population and greater availability of manufactured goods gave rise to the department store, in effect a number of small specialty shops under one roof, and to the chain store and the supermarket.
With the spread of chain stores to several cities, all having the same ownership, the relationship between retailers and manufacturers changed. Direct links with factories bypassed middlemen (wholesalers) and lowered costs, in some cases forcing small independent stores to focus on narrow specialties not otherwise available. In the 1970s in the US, to coincide with the population shift out of urban centers, enclosed shopping malls of up to 250 specialty stores, anchored by at least one large department store, were constructed in many suburban areas. These “controlled shopping environments” have music, free parking, movie theaters, restaurants, and, in some instances, even child-care facilities. The idea has been adopted in the UK and elsewhere, although resistance is rising from those who wish to preserve the viability of downtown (urban center) areas.
A supply of something available for future use | SYN: stock, fund.



A place where things can be deposited for safekeeping | SYN: deposit, repository.



ETYM French dépôt, Old Fren. depost, from Latin depositum a deposit.
Related to Deposit.
1 > A place of deposit storing of goods; a warehouse; a storehouse.
2 > A military station where stores and provisions are kept, or where recruits are assembled and drilled.
3 > A railway station; a building for the accommodation and protection of railway passenges or freight.



ETYM French magasin, Italian magazzino, or Spanish magacen, almagacen; all from Arabic makhzan, almakhzan, a storehouse, granary, or cellar.
1 > A light-tight container holding the film and supplying it for exposure as required | SYN: cartridge.
2 > A store house (as a compartment on a warship) where weapons and ammunition are stored | SYN: powder store, powder magazine.





A depository for goods | SYN: depot, entrepot, storage, store.



A storehouse for goods and merchandise | SYN: storage warehouse.

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