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muški rodmitologija

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Rimsko ime grčkog boga Hermesa, vesnik bogova, bog trgovine, simbol mira, pronalaženja, mudrosti i veštog govorenja, ali i lukavstva, prevare i krađe;

/ mɝːkjəri /

muški rodmitologija

In Roman mythology, a god, identified with the Greek Hermes, and like him represented with winged sandals and a winged staff entwined with snakes. He was the messenger of the gods, and was associated particularly with commerce.
(Roman mythology) Messenger of Jupiter and god of commerce; counterpart of Greek Hermes.


muški rodastrologija

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Najmanja od velikih planeta i najbliža Suncu.

/ mɝːkjəri /


The smallest planet and the nearest to the sun.
In astronomy, the closest planet to the Sun. Its mass is 0.056 that of Earth. On its sunward side the surface temperature reaches over 400şC/752şF, but on the “night” side it falls to -170şC/-274şF.
mean distance from the Sun 58 million km/36 million mi
equatorial diameter 4,880 km/3,030 mi
rotation period 59 Earth days
year 88 Earth days
atmosphere Mercury has an atmosphere with minute traces of argon and helium.
surface composed of silicate rock often in the form of lava flows. In 1974 the US space probe Mariner 10 showed that Mercury’s surface is cratered by meteorite impacts.
satellites none
Its largest known feature is the Caloris Basin, 1,400 km/870 mi wide. There are also cliffs hundreds of miles long and up to 4 km/2.5 mi high, thought to have been formed by the cooling of the planet billions of years ago. Inside is an iron core three-quarters of the planet's diameter, which produces a magnetic field 1% the strength of Earth's.

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