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muški rodlično ime

Prevedi Springstin na: nemački

Američki roker.

/ sprɪŋstin /

muški rodlično ime

bad weather · hardness · harshness · inclementness · rigor · rigorousness · rigour · rigourousness · severeness · severity · stiffnes

(1949-) US rock singer, songwriter, and guitarist. His music combines melodies in traditional rock idiom and reflective lyrics about working-class life and the pursuit of the American dream on such albums as Born to Run 1975, Born in the US 1984, and Human Touch 1992.
Springsteen began his early career in the late 1960s playing small East Coast clubs, where he earned a cult following. In concerts with the E Street Band, playing long ambitious sets, his performance is electrifying. “The Boss” won many new fans in the mid-1980s performing in a series of sold-out concerts across the US.

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