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Hrišćanska, društveno-reformističak organizacija osnovana 1865 godine u Londonu.

Salvation Army
/ sælˈveɪʃn̩ ˈɑːrmi /


Množina reči Salvation Army je Salvation Armies.

Salvation Army

Christian evangelical, social-service, and social-reform organization, originating 1865 in London, England, with the work of William Booth. Originally called the Christian Revival Association, it was renamed the East London Christian Mission in 1870 and from 1878 has been known as the Salvation Army, now a worldwide organization. It has military titles for its officials, is renowned for its brass bands, and its weekly journal is the War Cry.
It was established in the US 1880 and in Canada 1881 and has conducted missionary work throughout the world. It provides food-and-shelter missions for social derelicts and runs “thrift shops,” selling second-hand merchandise to raise funds. The American Rescue Workers split off from the organization in 1884, and the Volunteers of America withdrew in 1894 after disputes over organizational structure and autonomy. Doctrine and ritual have never been primary concerns of the Salvation Army, which devotes itself to preaching redemption from a sinful life. It currently has about 300,000 US members.
A charitable and religious organization to evangelize and to care for the poor and homeless.

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