srpsko - engleski rečnik

srpsko - engleski rečnik

akord prevod


muški rodmuzika

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Prijatno sazvučje tri tona ili više tonova; slaganje, sloga, saglasnost; ugovor, pogodba, poravnanje;

/ əpiːl /

imenicapravo (nauka)

Množina reči appeal je appeals.

appealingness · charm · collection · entreaty · ingathering · prayer · solicitation

In law, an application for a rehearing of all or part of an issue that has already been dealt with by a lower court or tribunal.
The outcome can be a new decision on all or part of the points raised, or the previous decision may be upheld. In criminal cases, an appeal may be against conviction and either the prosecution or the defense may appeal against sentence.

/ kɔːrd /


Množina reči chord je chords.


ETYM L chorda a gut, a string made of a gut, Greek chorde. In the sense of a string or small rope, in general, it is written cord. Related to Cord.
(Homonym: cord).
1. A combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously when sounded together.
2. A straight line connecting two points on a curve.

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