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ženski rod

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Matematička tvrdnja koja se ne dokazuje.
Naučna istina jasna sama po sebi, istina kojoj nije potreban dokaz; osnovna istina, osnovno načelo.

/ æksiəm /


Množina reči axiom je axioms.

Acanthopterygii · superorder Acanthopterygii

ETYM Latin axioma, Greek axioma that which is thought worthy, that which is assumed, a basis of demonstration, a principle; cf French axiome. Related to Agent.
1. A maxim widely accepted on its intrinsic merit.
2. A statement accepted as true as the basis for argument or inference; postulate.
3. An established rule or principle or a self-evident truth.
In logic: a proposition that is not susceptible of proof or disproof; its truth is assumed to be self-evident.
Necessary and accepted truth; basic and universal principle.
In mathematics, a statement that is assumed to be true and upon which theorems are proved by using logical deduction; for example, two straight lines cannot enclose a space. The Greek mathematician Euclid used a series of axioms that he considered could not be demonstrated in terms of simpler concepts to prove his geometrical theorems.

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