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srpsko - engleski rečnik

bacač plamena prevod

bacač plamena

muški rod

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/ fleɪmθroʊər /


Množina reči flamethrower je flamethrowers.


A weapon that squirts ignited fuel for several yards.
Weapon emitting a stream of burning liquid which can be directed against troops or strongpoints.
When first used by the Germans in World War I at the Battle of Hooge July 1915, the weapon consisted of a back-pack with a reservoir of compressed nitrogen and a tank containing about 10 l/18 pts of “flame liquid”, usually a mixture of coal tar and benzine. A hose ran from the fuel tank to a nozzle, on which was an ignition device. On pressing the trigger, gas forced the liquid through the nozzle and at the same time the ignition device fired the liquid. The gas pressure was sufficient to give the flaming liquid a range of about 45 m/50 yds. SYN. flame thrower

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bacač plamena

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