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srpsko - engleski rečnik

barel prevod


muški rod

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Mera za naftu, barilo. 159 l

/ bærəl /


Množina reči barrel je barrels.

cask · bbl · gun barrel · barrelful · drum

barrelful · bbl · cask · drum · gun barrel

A unit of liquid capacity, the value of which depends on the liquid being measured. It is used for petroleum, a barrel of which contains 159 liters/42 gallons; a barrel of alcohol contains 189 liters/49.9 gallons.(container) Cylindrical container, tapering at each end, made of thick strips of wood bound together by metal hoops. Barrels are used for the bulk storage of fine wines and spirits.
Barrels were made by craftsmen known as coopers, whose main skill was the shaping and bending of the wooden strips (staves) so that they fitted together without gaps when secured by the hoops. Barrels were widely used for storing liquids and dry goods until the development of plastic containers.
1. A cylindrical container that holds liquids; SYN. cask.
2. Any of various units of capacity; SYN. bbl.
3. The cylinder through which bullet travels when gun is fired; SYN. gun barrel.
4. The quantity that a barrel (of any size) will hold; SYN. barrelful.
5. A bulging cylindrical shape; hollow with flat ends; SYN. drum.
ETYM Old Eng. barel, French baril, prob. from barre bar. Related to Barricade.

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