srpsko - engleski rečnik

srpsko - engleski rečnik

blok zgrada prevod

blok zgrada

muški rod

/ blɑːk /


Množina reči block je blocks.

auction block · blockage · blocking · city block · closure · cube · cylinder block · engine block · mental block · occlusion · pulley · pulley-block · stop · stoppage

ETYM Old Eng. blok; cf. French bloc (fr. Old High Germ.), Dutch and Dan. blok, Swed. and German block, Old High Germ. bloch.
(Homonym: bloc).
1. A three-dimensional shape with six square or rectangular sides; SYN. cube.
2. A rectangular area in a city surrounded by streets and usually containing several buildings; SYN. city block.
3. A number or quantity of related things dealt with as a unit.
4. A sector or group of sectors that function as the smallest data unit permitted.
5. Housing in a large building that is divided into separate units.
6. A solid piece of something (usually having flat rectangular sides).
7. An inability to remember or think of something one normally can do; often caused by emotional tension; SYN. mental block.

/ mænʃn̩ /


Množina reči mansion je mansions.

mansion house · manse · hall · residence

hall · house · manse · mansion house · planetary house · residence · sign · sign of the zodiac · star sign

ETYM Old Fren. mansion, French maison, from Latin mansio a staying, remaining, a dwelling, habitation, from manere, mansum, to stay, dwell.
A large and imposing house; SYN. mansion house, manse, hall, residence.

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blok zgrada

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