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srpsko - engleski rečnik

dečji rad prevod

dečji rad

muški rod

child labor
/ ˈtʃaɪld ˈleɪbr̩ /


Množina reči child labor je child labors.

Work done by children of school age or under, generally for lower wages than would be paid to adults, or as forced labor.
In the world's poorest countries nearly 20% of children from the age of five upward have a job. Worldwide it was estimated 1995 that 200 million children aged 10–14 work for employers other than their parents. The jobs are often dangerous and unhealthy. In many war zones, children, mostly boys, have been forced to serve as soldiers and porters, including in the 1990s at least 6,000 in Liberia and more than 12,000 in Sudan. Some enlist voluntarily, but international law bans combatants under 15.
Although it is illegal for children under 15 to work outside the family, the South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude, founded 1989, estimated 1995 that there were 55 million child laborers in India, and 6 million in Pakistan. The carpet industry employs an estimated 300,000 children (1995), some only six years old, with tens of thousands working in each of the fields of glass, leather, brass, and pottery.
In April 1995 Iqbal Masih, a public critic of child labor practices in his native Pakistan, was shot dead. Masih had spent almost six years of his childhood shackled to a carpet loom before escaping at the age of ten.

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