srpsko - engleski rečnik

srpsko - engleski rečnik

doslednost prevod


ženski rod

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Istrajnost, upornost.



Množina reči consecutiveness je consecutivenesses.

/ kɑːnsəkwənt /


Množina reči consequent je consequents.

1. Deduction
2. The conclusion of a conditional sentence
3. The second term of a ratio

/ mɑːdəreɪʃn̩ /


Množina reči moderation je moderations.


easing · mitigation · moderateness · relief · temperance

ETYM Latin moderatio: cf. French modération.
1. Quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes; SYN. moderateness.
2. The action of lessening in severity or intensity.

/ ɔːrdər /


Množina reči order je orders.

ordering · order of magnitude · purchase order · rules of order · parliamentary law · parliamentary procedure

ETYM Old Eng. ordre, French ordre, from Latin ordo, ordinis. Related to Ordain, Ordinal.
In biological classification, a group of related families. For example, the horse, rhinoceros, and tapir families are grouped in the order Perissodactyla, the odd-toed ungulates, because they all have either one or three toes on each foot. The names of orders are not shown in italic (unlike genus and species names) and by convention they have the ending “-formes” in birds and fish; “-a” in mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and other animals; and “-ales” in fungi and plants. Related orders are grouped together in a class.
1. Putting in order; SYN. ordering.
2. A degree in a continuum of size or quantity; SYN. order of magnitude.
3. Established customary state esp. of society.
4. A commercial document used to request someone to supply something in return for payment; SYN. purchase order.
5. A body of rules followed by an assembly; SYN. rules of order, parliamentary law, parliamentary procedure.
6. (Often plural) A command given by a superior (e.g., a military or law enforcement officer) that must be obeyed.
7. (Biology) Taxonomic group containing one or more families.

/ pərsɪstəns /


Množina reči persistence je persistences.

continuity · doggedness · perseverance · perseveration · persistency · pertinacity · tenaciousness · tenacity

A characteristic of some light-emitting materials, such as the phosphors used in CRTs, that causes an image to be retained for a short while after being irradiated, as by an electron beam in a CRT. The decay in persistence is sometimes called luminance decay.

/ siːkwəns /


Množina reči sequence je sequences.

chronological sequence · succession · successiveness · chronological succession · episode

chronological sequence · chronological succession · episode · succession · successiveness

ETYM French séquence, Latin sequentia, from sequens. Related to Sequent.
1. A following of one thing after another in time; SYN. chronological sequence, succession, successiveness, chronological succession.
2. A succession of related shots that develop a given subject in a film; SYN. episode.
3. Arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern.
4. Several repetitions of a melodic phrase in different keys.
In music, a device allowing key modulation favored by early keyboard composers in which a phrase is repeated sequentially, each time transposing to a different key.

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