srpsko - engleski rečnik

srpsko - engleski rečnik

florin prevod


muški rod

Prevedi florin na: nemački

Holandski novac.

/ flɔrɪn /


Množina reči florin je florins.

Dutch florin · guilder · gulden

ETYM French florin, Italian florino, orig., a Florentine coin, with a lily on it, from flore a flower, from Latin flos. Related to Flower, Floren.
A unit of money used in various countries, such as the Netherlands or, formerly, England and Austria.
Coin; many European countries have had coins of this name. The first florin was of gold, minted in Florence in 1252. The obverse bore the image of a lily, which led to the coin being called fiorino (from Italian fiore, flower).

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