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root directory
/ ˈruːt dəˈrektəri /


Množina reči root directory je root directories.

The point of entry into the directory tree in a disk-based hierarchical directory structure. Branching from this root are various directories and subdirectories, each of which can contain one or more files and subdirectories of its own. For example, in the MS-DOS operating system the root directory is identified by a name consisting of a single backslash character (\). Beneath the root are other directories, which may contain further directories, and so on. See the illustration.
In computing, the top directory in a tree-and-branch filing system. It contains all the other directories.

root folder
/ ˈruːt ˈfoʊldə /


Množina reči root folder je root folders.

The folder on a drive from which all other folders branch. The root folder’s name consists of a single backslash character (\). For example, on drive C, this folder would be represented in the file system as C:\.

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