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srpsko - engleski rečnik

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grafička tabla

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graphics tablet
/ ˈɡræfɪks ˈtæblət /


Množina reči graphics tablet je graphics tablets.

A device used to input graphics position information in engineering, design, and illustration applications. A flat rectangular plastic board is equipped with a puck or a pen (also called a stylus) and sensing electronics that report the position of the puck or stylus to the computer, which translates that data into a cursor position on the screen. Also called: digitizing tablet. See also puck, stylus.
Or bit pad; In computing, an input device in which a stylus or cursor is moved, by hand, over a flat surface. The computer can keep track of the position of the stylus, so enabling the operator to input drawings or diagrams into the computer.
A graphics tablet is often used with a form overlaid for users to mark boxes in positions that relate to specific registers in the computer, although recent developments in handwriting recognition may increase its future versatility.

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