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1 > A city in northern Germany on the Elbe River.
2 > Borough in New Jersey (USA); zip code 07419.
3 > Borough in Pennsylvania (USA); zip code 19526.
4 > City in Arkansas (USA); zip code 71646.
5 > City in Iowa (USA); zip code 51640.
6 > City in Minnesota (USA); zip code 55339.
7 > Village in Illinois (USA); zip code 62045.
8 > Village in New York (USA); zip code 14075. (region) Administrative region (German Land) of Germany. area 760 sq km/293 sq mi. capital Hamburg. features comprises the city and surrounding districts; there is a university, established 1919, and the Hamburg Schauspielhaus is one of Germany’s leading theaters. industries refined oil, chemicals, electrical goods, ships, processed food. est)
1;,669,000. religion 74% Protestant,
8;% Roman Catholic. history in 1510 the emperor Maximilian I made Hamburg a free imperial city, and in 1871 it became a state of the German Empire.(Germany) Largest inland port of Europe, in Germany, on the river Elbe; Industries include oil, chemicals, electronics, and cosmetics.
It is capital of the Land of Hamburg, and an archbishopric from 834.
In alliance with Lübeck, it founded the Hanseatic League.

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