srpsko - engleski rečnik

srpsko - engleski rečnik

hipnoza prevod


ženski rod

Prevedi hipnoza na: francuski · nemački

1. psih. Uspavljivanje, veštački stvoreno snu slično stanje svesti u kome je svojevoljna delatnost mišljenja i htenja, usled izvesnog ograničavanja svesti, smanjenja ili posve isključena, tako da je osoba dovedena u takvo stanje naročito podesan predmet za sugestije;
2. fiziol. Isključivanje izvesnih ganglijskih ćelija kore velikog mozka koje u budnom stanju, izazivaju svesne i voljne radnje.

animal magnetism
/ ˈænəml̩ ˈmæɡnəˌtɪzəm /


Množina reči animal magnetism je animal magnetisms.

beguilement · bewitchery

1. A mysterious force claimed by Mesmer to enable him to hypnotize patients
2. A magnetic charm or appeal; especially; sex appeal

/ hɪpnoʊsɪs /


Množina reči hypnosis je hypnoses.

ETYM New Lat., from Greek hypnos sleep.
A state that resembles sleep but that is induced by suggestion.
Artificially induced state of relaxation or altered attention characterized by heightened suggestibility. There is evidence that, with susceptible persons, the sense of pain may be diminished, memory of past events enhanced, and illusions or hallucinations experienced. Posthypnotic amnesia (forgetting what happened during hypnosis) and posthypnotic suggestion (performing an action after hypnosis that had been suggested during it) have also been demonstrated.
Hypnosis has a number of uses in medicine. Hypnotically induced sleep, for example, may assist the healing process, and hypnotic suggestion (hypnotherapy) may help in dealing with the symptoms of emotional and psychosomatic disorders. The Austrian physician Friedrich Anton Mesmer is said to be the discoverer of hypnosis, but he called it “animal magnetism”, believing it to be a physical force or fluid. The term “hypnosis” was coined by James Braid (1795–1860), a British physician and surgeon who was the first to regard it as a psychological phenomenon. The Scottish surgeon James Esdaile (1805–1859), working in India, performed hundreds of operations in which he used hypnosis to induce analgesia (insensitivity to pain) or general anesthesia (total insensitivity).

/ mesmərɪzəm /


Množina reči mesmerism je mesmerisms.

hypnotism · suggestion

Former term for hypnosis, after Austrian physician Friedrich Mesmer. The art of inducing an extraordinary or abnormal state of the nervous system, in which the actor claims to control the actions, and communicate directly with the mind, of the recipient.

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