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ženski rodračunari

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Simbol koji podseća na egipatske hijeroglife i koji se često koristi umesto reči. Mnogi programi prikazuju ikone kao prečice za izbor komandi iz menija. Umesto da komandu birate iz menija, dovoljno je samo da njenu ikonicu pritisnete tasterom miša, pod uslovom da se sećate koja ikona predstavlja koju komandu.
Grafička slika u grafičkom radnom okruženju koja služi za pokretanje programa.

/ aɪkan /


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ikon · image · picture

1. A small image displayed on the screen to represent an object that can be manipulated by the user. By serving as visual mnemonics and allowing the user to control certain computer actions without having to remember commands or type them at the keyboard, icons contribute significantly to the user-friendliness of graphical user interfaces and to PCs in general. See also graphical user interface.
2. A high-level programming language designed to process non-numerical data structures and character strings using a Pascal-like syntax.
In computing, a small picture on the computer screen, or VDT, representing an object or function that the user may manipulate or otherwise use. It is a feature of graphical user interface (GUI) systems. Icons make computers easier to use by allowing the user to point to and click with a mouse on pictures, rather than type commands.
A graphic functional symbol display. A graphic representation of a function or functions to be performed by the computer.
(Computer science) A graphic symbol (usually a simple picture) that denotes a program or a command or a data file or a concept in a graphical user interface.


ženski rod

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Slika nekog božanstva ili svetitelja, sveca u pravoslavnim crkvama (obično na drvetu ili na platnu, za razliku od fresaka, slika na zidu). (grč.)


imenicaarhaično, zastarelo

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/ aɪkan /


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ETYM Latin, from Greek eikon.
Sacred or monumental image, statue, painting, etc.; picture on computer monitor to represent command.
In the Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church, a representation of Jesus, Mary, an angel, or a saint, in painting, low relief, or mosaic. The painted icons were traditionally done on wood. After the 17th century and mainly in Russia, a riza, or gold and silver covering that leaves only the face and hands visible (and may be adorned with jewels presented by the faithful in thanksgiving), was often added as protection.
Icons were regarded as holy objects, based on the doctrine that God became visible through Christ. Icon painting originated in the Byzantine Empire, but many examples were destroyed by the iconoclasts in the 8th and 9th centuries. The Byzantine style of painting predominated in the Mediterranean region and in Russia until the 12th century, when Russian, Greek, and other schools developed. Notable among them was the Russian Novgorod school, inspired by the work of the Byzantine refugee Theophanes the Greek. Andrei Rublev is the outstanding Russian icon painter.
A conventional religious picture painted in oil on a small wooden panel; venerated in the Eastern Church; SYN. ikon.

/ pɪktʃər /


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image · icon · ikon · pictorial matter · scene

characterisation · characterization · delineation · depiction · film · flic · icon · ikon · image · impression · mental picture · motion picture · motion-picture show · movie · moving picture · moving-picture show · painting · pic · pictorial matter · picture show · scene · video · word picture · word-painting

ETYM Latin pictura, from pingere, pictum, to paint: cf. French peinture. Related to Paint.
1. A visual representation of an object or scene or person produced on a surface; SYN. image, icon, ikon.
2. Illustrations used to decorate or explain a text; SYN. pictorial matter.
3. A situation treated as an observable object; or; SYN. scene.
4. A typical example of some state or quality.

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