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srpsko - engleski rečnik

impuls prevod


muški rod

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Potsticaj, nagon, težnja; pokretna sila, pokret; med. neodoljiv nagon; impuls sile, fiz. proizvod iz sile i vremena, trajanja, njenog dejstva.

/ æktʃueɪʃn̩ /


Množina reči actuation je actuations.


The act of propelling

/ əfleɪtəs /


Množina reči afflatus je afflatuses.

ETYM Latin, from afflare. Related to Afflation.
A strong creative impulse; divine inspiration.
Inspiration; divine impetus.
Divine breath; inspiration.



Množina reči horme je hormes.

Goal-directed or purposive behaviour
Psychology, vital energy directed to an active purpose.

/ ɪmpətəs /


Množina reči impetus je impetuses.

drift · impulse · impulsion

ETYM Latin, from impetere to rush upon, attack; pref. im- in + petere to fall upon, seek. Related to Petition.
(Irregular plural: impetuses).
1. The force with which any body is driven or impelled; momentum.
2. (Figurative) Impulse; incentive; vigor; force.

/ ɪmpʌls /


Množina reči impulse je impulses.

impulsion · impetus

caprice · impetus · impulsion · momentum · nerve impulse · pulsation · pulse · pulsing · urge · whim

ETYM Latin impulsus, from impellere. Related to Impel.
The act of applying force suddenly; SYN. impulsion, impetus.
In mechanics, the product of a force and the time over which it acts. An impulse applied to a body causes its momentum to change and is equal to that change in momentum. It is measured in newton seconds.
For example, the impulse J given to a football when it is kicked is given by.
J = Ft.
Where F is the kick force in newtons and t is the time in seconds for which the boot is in contact with the ball.

/ ɪmpʌlʃn̩ /


Množina reči impulsion je impulsions.

drift · impetus · impulse

ETYM Latin impulsio: cf. French impulsion. Related to Impel.
1. The act of impelling or driving onward, or the state of being impelled; the sudden or momentary agency of a body in motion on another body; also, the impelling force, or impulse.
2. Influence acting unexpectedly or temporarily on the mind; sudden motive or influence; impulse.

/ momentəm /


Množina reči momentum je momenta.



ETYM Latin See Moment.
1. An impelling force or strength; SYN. impulse.
2. The product of a body's mass and its velocity.
In physics, the product of the mass of a body and its linear velocity. The angular momentum of an orbiting or rotating body is the product of its moment of inertia and its angular velocity. The momentum of a body does not change unless it is acted on by an external force; angular momentum does not change unless it is acted upon by a turning force, or torque.
The law of conservation of momentum is one of the fundamental concepts of classical physics. It states that the total momentum of all bodies in a closed system is constant and unaffected by processes occurring within the system. Angular momentum is similarly conserved in a closed system.

/ pəls /


Množina reči pulse je pulses.

heart rate · pulsation · heartbeat · beat

1. The rate at which the heart beats; SYN. heart rate.
2. The rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arteries with each beat of the heart; SYN. pulsation, heartbeat, beat.
Impulse transmitted by the heartbeat throughout the arterial systems of vertebrates. When the heart muscle contracts, it forces blood into the aorta (the chief artery). Because the arteries are elastic, the sudden rise of pressure causes a throb or sudden swelling through them. The actual flow of the blood is about 60 cm/2 ft a second in humans. The average adult pulse rate is generally about 70 per minute. The pulse can be felt where an artery is near the surface, for example in the wrist or the neck.

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