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muški rod

Prevedi instrument na: francuski · nemački

Sprava, naprava, oruđe, alat, pomoćno sredstvo, oruđe koje služi tehničkim ili naučnim svrhama; mehanizam na kojem se proizvode muzički tonovi; med. lekarska, naročito hirurška sprava; prav. dokumenat, akt; instrumentum autentikum, prava isprava, verodostojna isprava, pravovažna isprava; instrumentum cesionis, akt o ustupanju čega.

/ endʒən /


ETYM French engin skill, machine, engine, Latin ingenium natural capacity, invention; in in + the root of gignere to produce. Related to Genius, Ingenious, Gin a snare.
1. Converts thermal energy to mechanical work.
2. Something used to achieve a purpose.
Device for converting stored energy into useful work or movement. Most engines use a fuel as their energy store. The fuel is burned to produce heat energy—hence the name “heat engine”—which is then converted into movement. Heat engines can be classified according to the fuel they use (gasoline engine or diesel engine), or according to whether the fuel is burned inside (internal combustion engine) or outside (steam engine) the engine, or according to whether they produce a reciprocating or rotary motion (turbine or Wankel engine).

/ ɪmpləmənt /


ETYM Late Lat. implementum accomplishment, from Latin implere, impletum, to fill up, finish, complete; pref. im- in + plere to fill. The word was perh. confused with Old Fren. empleier, emploier, to employ, French employer, whence Eng. employ. Related to Plenty.
A piece of equipment or tool used to effect an end.

/ ɪnstrəmənt /


pawn · cat's-paw · tool

ETYM French instrument, Latin instrumentum. Related to Instruct.
1. A device that requires skill for proper use.
2. A person used by another to gain an end; SYN. pawn, cat's-paw.
3. The means whereby something is accomplished; or; SYN. tool.

/ riːle /


ETYM French relais (cf. Old Fren. relais relaxation, discontinuance, Italian rilascio release, relief, rilasso relay), from Old Fren. relaissier to abandon, release, from Latin relaxare. Related to Relax.
A switch activated by an electrical signal. A relay allows another signal to be controlled without the need for human action to route the other signal to the control point, and it also allows a relatively low-power signal to control a high-power signal.
1. Current flowing in one circuit can switch on and off a current in a second circuit; SYN. electrical relay.
2. The act of relaying something.

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