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srpsko - engleski rečnik

kontrola gamadi prevod

kontrola gamadi

ženski rod

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pest control
/ ˈpest kənˈtroʊl /


Množina reči pest control je pest controls.

Flies have been a menace to mankind since biblical times. The importance of fly control is paramount, if not for health reasons, then for financial ones.
Poultry losses run into the millions of dollars annually and cattle weight has been known to drop 10-15% due to the ever-pesky fly.
Every year, newer, stronger chemical pesticides are developed to help control the fly population. The primary reason for new insecticides each year is "resistance" to the products on the market. Resistance is the ability of an insect population to withstand exposure to insecticides. This is acquired by breeding from insects that have survived previous exposures to a pesticide that did not wipe out the whole population. The surviving insect breed and develop a resistant strain that survives insecticide treatment.

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