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magnetno polje prevod

magnetno polje


Prevedi magnetno polje na: nemački

Magnetsko polje.

magnetic field
/ mægˈnetɪk ˈfiːld /


Množina reči magnetic field je magnetic fields.

magnetic flux · flux

flux · magnetic flux

The space around a magnetic object in which magnetic force acts. A magnetic field is conceived of as consisting of flux lines that originate at the north magnetic pole and terminate at the south magnetic pole.
The lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle; SYN. magnetic flux, flux.
Region around a permanent magnet, or around a conductor carrying an electric current, in which a force acts on a moving charge or on a magnet placed in the field. The field can be represented by lines of force, which by convention link north and south poles and are parallel to the directions of a small compass needle placed on them. A magnetic field's magnitude and direction are given by the magnetic flux density, expressed in teslas. See also polar reversal.

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