srpsko - engleski rečnik

srpsko - engleski rečnik

modernizam prevod


muški rod

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1. Malo slobodniji pravac u katoličkoj teologiji, koji se upravljao po modernoj teoriji saznanja i istorijskoj kritici (Papa Pije X osudio je ovaj pravac).
2. Ukus novog vremena i sklonost takvom ukusu (u književnosti, umetnosti, modi i dr.). (lat.)

/ mɑːdərnɪzəm /


Množina reči modernism je modernisms.

contemporaneity · contemporaneousnes · modernity · modernness

In the arts, a general term used to describe the 20th century's conscious attempt to break with the artistic traditions of the 19th century; it is based on a concern with form and the exploration of technique as opposed to content and narrative. In the visual arts, direct representationalism gave way to abstraction (see abstract art); in literature, writers experimented with alternatives to orthodox sequential storytelling, such as stream of consciousness; in music, the traditional concept of key was challenged by atonality; and in architecture, Functionalism ousted decorativeness as a central objective (see Modern Movement).
Critics of Modernism have found in it an austerity that is seen as dehumanizing. Postmodernism developed as a reaction to Modernism, but has had to compete with new and divergent Modernist trends, for example High Tech in architecture.
(religion) In Protestantism, liberal thought which emerged early in the 20th century and attempted to reconsider Christian beliefs in the light of modern scientific theories and historical methods, without abandoning the essential doctrines. It was against modernism that the Fundamentalist movement defined itself. The term was originally used for liberal tendencies in the Roman Catholic Church. Modernism was condemned by Pope Pius X in 1907.
1. Art and literature that makes a self-conscious break with previous genres.
2. Practices typical of contemporary life or thought.

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