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srpsko - engleski prevod

napadačko sredstvo


/ ɑːrmətʃər /


Množina reči armature je armatures.

ETYM Latin armatura, from armare to arm: cf. French armature. Related to Arm, v. t., Armor.
In which voltage is induced by motion through a magnetic field.
Armament; Botany, Zoology, defensive outgrowth; Electricity, piece of iron placed on poles of permanent magnet; piece of iron whose movement, due to magnetic attraction, actuates apparatus or machinery; rotating part of dynamo or electric motor; stationary part of revolving field alternator; framework for sculpture.
In a motor or generator, the wire-wound coil that carries the current and rotates in a magnetic field. (In alternating-current machines, the armature is sometimes stationary.) The pole piece of a permanent magnet or electromagnet and the moving, iron part of a solenoid, especially if the latter acts as a switch, may also be referred to as armatures.

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