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muški rod

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/ faɪərwʊd /


Wood used for fuel.
The principal fuel for some 2 billion people, mainly in the Third World. In principle a renewable energy source, firewood is being cut far faster than the trees can regenerate in many areas of Africa and Asia, leading to deforestation.
In Mali, for example, wood provides 97% of total energy consumption, and deforestation is running at an estimated 9,000 hectares a year. The heat efficiency of firewood can be increased by use of well-designed stoves, but for many people they are either unaffordable or unavailable. With wood for fuel becoming scarcer the UN Food and Agricultural Organization has estimated that by the year 2000 3 billion people worldwide will face chronic problems in getting food cooked.

/ fjuːəl /


combustible · combustible material

ETYM Old Fren. fouail, fuail, or fouaille, fuaille, Late Lat. focalium, focale, from Latin focus hearth, fireplace, in Late Lat., fire. Related to Focus.
A substance that can be burned to provide heat or power; SYN. combustible, combustible material.
Any source of heat or energy, embracing the entire range of materials that burn in air (combustibles). A nuclear fuel is any material that produces energy by nuclear fission in a nuclear reactor.

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