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srpsko - engleski prevod

orao ribar

muški rodptica

Vrsta grabljive ptice koja se hrani ribom.

/ ɒspri /


fish hawk · fish eagle · sea eagle · Pandion haliaetus

ETYM Through Old Fren. from Latin ossifraga; prob. influenced by oripelargus mountain stork; cf. Old Fren. orpres, and French orfraie. Related to Ossifrage.
Large harmless hawk found worldwide that feeds on fish and builds a bulky nest often occupied for years; SYN. fish hawk, fish eagle, sea eagle, Pandion haliaetus.
Large fish-eating hawk; erroneously, egret feather.
Bird of prey Pandion haliaetus, the single member of the family Pandionidae; sometimes erroneously called “fish hawk”. To catch fish, it plunges feet first into the water. Dark brown above and a striking white below, the osprey measures 60 cm/2 ft with a 2 m/6 ft wingspan.
Ospreys occur on all continents except Antarctica and have faced extinction in several areas of habitation. Once on the verge of extinction in the us, it is now responding well to preservation programs.

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