srpsko - engleski rečnik

srpsko - engleski rečnik

radnička klasa prevod

radnička klasa

ženski rod

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Množina reči cloth-cap je cloth-caps.

working class
/ ˈwɝːkɪŋ ˈklæs /


Množina reči working class je working classes.

labor · labour · proletariat

Term applied to those members of an industrial society who earn their living through manual labor, known in the US as blue-collar workers. The cultural and political identity of the working class has been eroded since World War II by the introduction of new technology and the breakup of traditional communities through urban redevelopment.
As a Marxist term, working class is more or less synonymous with proletariat and means those workers (manual or nonmanual) whose labor is bought and exploited by the bourgeoisie in exchange for wages.

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