srpsko - engleski rečnik

srpsko - engleski prevod

relativna brzina

ženski rod

/ vəlɑːsəti /


ETYM Latin velocitas, from velox, -ocis, swift, quick; perhaps akin to volare to fly: cf. French vélocité.
Speed of an object in a given direction. Velocity is a vector quantity, since its direction is important as well as its magnitude (or speed).
The velocity at any instant of a particle traveling in a curved path is in the direction of the tangent to the path at the instant considered. The velocity v of an object traveling in a fixed direction may be calculated by dividing the distance s it has traveled by the time t taken to do so, and may be expressed as.
V = s/t.
1. Quickness of motion; swiftness; speed; celerity; rapidity.
2. Rate of motion; the relation of motion to time, measured by the number of units of space passed over by a moving body or point in a unit of time.
The time rate of change of displacement; dx/dt.

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