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/ rəmp /


Množina reči rump je rumps.

ETYM Old Eng. rumpe; akin to Dutch romp trunk, body, lg. rump, German rumpf, Dan. rumpe rump, Icel. rumpr, Swed. rumpa rump, tail.
Fleshy hindquarters; behind the loin and above the round.
The upper rounded part of the hindquarters of a quadruped mammal; buttocks; the sacral or dorsal part of the posterior end of a bird.
A cut of meat (as beef) between the loin and round — see beef illustration.
A small or inferior remnant or offshoot; especially; a group (as a parliament) carrying on in the name of the original body after the departure or expulsion of a large number of its members.

tail end
/ ˈteɪl ˈend /


Množina reči tail end je tail ends.


1. Buttocks, rump
2. The hindmost end
3. The concluding period . SYN. tail-end

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