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Četvorougaonik sa dvema paralelnim stranama; sp. viseće vratilo (gimnastička sprava).

/ trəpiːz /


ETYM Cf. French trapčze.
A swing used by circus acrobats.
A gymnastic or acrobatic apparatus consisting of a short horizontal bar suspended by two parallel ropes.

/ trəpiːziəm /


trapezium bone · os trapezium

ETYM New Lat., from Greek, a little table, an irregular four-sided figure, dim. of trapes a table; trapes + pod foot; hence, originally, a table with four feet. Related to Foot.
1. The wrist bone on the thumb side of the hand that articulates with the 1st and 2nd metacarpals; SYN. trapezium bone, os trapezium.
2. (In us) A quadrilateral with no parallel sides.
3. Quadrilateral having only one pair of parallel sides.
4. Quadrilateral with two parallel sides; any irregular quadrilateral; In geometry, a four-sided plane figure (quadrilateral) with no two sides parallel.

/ træpɪzɔɪd /


ETYM Greek, trapezoid-shaped; trapes table + eidos shape, likeness: cf. French trapézoďde. Related to Trapezium.
(in US) A quadrilateral with two parallel sides.
In geometry, a four-sided plane figure (quadrilateral) with only two sides parallel. If the parallel sides have lengths a and b and the perpendicular distance between them is h (the height of the trapezoid), its area A=˝h(a + b).
An isosceles trapezoid has its sloping sides (legs) equal, is symmetrical about a line drawn through the midpoints of its parallel sides, and has equal base angles.

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