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muški rod

Vežba, vežbanje, sistematsko, povremeno pripremanje tela vežbanjem kako bi moglo, na utakmici biti u najboljoj kondiciji i razviti punu veštinu i snagu.



Process of acquiring new work-related skills. Training can be on-the-job or off-the-job or a combination of both, as in an apprenticeship scheme. Induction is the term used to describe the training given to a worker when he or she first starts a new job.
Activity leading to skilled behavior | SYN: preparation, grooming.



1 > Process of approaching thermal equilibrium after turn on.
2 > Exercising in preparation for strenuous activity | SYN: tune-up, prolusion. warm up
3 > When you do light exercises before playing a sport or exercising with greater effort, you warm up.
When performers play musical instruments or sing just before a performance in order to be ready, they warm up.
4 > Light exercises done before playing a sport or exercising with greater effort are called a warm-up.
When a performer plays an instrument or sings just before a performance in order to be ready, this is a warm-up.
5 > Warm-up clothes are worn during a warm-up.
Warm-up exercises are done before playing a sport or exercising.
A warm-up game, round, and so on, is played in order to warm up for the actual game.



1 > A practice or exercise to test or improve one's fitness for athletic competition, ability, or performance
2 > A test of one's ability, capacity, stamina, or suitability
3 > A series of exercises done in order to improve your health or physical appearance is a workout.
Workout clothes are clothes you wear while exercising.
4 > When you say that you gave a mechanical device or system a workout, you mean that you caused it to perform some lengthy or difficult work.

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