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muški rod

/ bjʊroʊ /


ETYM French bureau a writing table, desk, office, Old Fren., drugget, with which a writing table was often covered, equiv. to French bure, and from Old Fren. buire dark brown.
1. A desk or writing table with drawers for papers.
2. A department of public business requiring a force of clerks; the body of officials in a department who labor under the direction of a chief.
3. A chest of drawers for clothes, especially when made as an ornamental piece of furniture.

/ ɑːfəs /


office staff · power

ETYM French, from Latin officium, for opificium; ops ability, wealth, holp + facere to do or make. Related to Opulent, Fact.
1. A place where professional or clerical duties are performed.
2. Professional or clerical workers in an office; SYN. office staff.
3. (Of a government or government official) Holding an office means being in power; SYN. power.
4. A religious rite or service prescribed by ecclesiastical authorities.

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