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muški rodelektrotehnika

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Instrument za merenje potencijalne razlike, naponske razlike; up. voltametar. (grč.)

/ voʊltmiːtər /


ETYM volt + -meter.
Measures the potential difference between two points.
An instrument used to measure voltage.
Instrument for measuring electrical potential.
Instrument for measuring potential difference (voltage). It has a high internal resistance (so that it passes only a small current), and is connected in parallel with the component across which potential difference is to be measured. A common type is constructed from a sensitive current-detecting moving-coil galvanometer placed in series with a high-value resistor (multiplier). To measure an AC (alternating current) voltage, the circuit must usually include a rectifier; however, a moving-iron instrument can be used to measure alternating voltages without the need for such a device.

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